Last Airbender, The (2010)

The only reason that I am writing this review is because I needed to set a standard for my lowest rating.  In general I do not plan to write too many reviews that bash films without any constructive criticism.  A tremendous amount of time and work goes into movies and sometimes they just do not

Jungle Book, The (2016)

I was a little nervous going into The Jungle Book. Growing up on the 1967 Disney cartoon, The Jungle Book (1967), I was leery of a reboot.  The constant stream of reboots just don't seem to slow down... I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they stayed true to the original cartoon and even

Nice Guys, The (2016)

Shane Black's, The Nice Guys, is one of the best, if not The best, comedy of 2016.  The death of a porn star in the late 70's sparks an investigation in late 70's Los Angeles. The story follows Jackson Healy, Crowe, the muscle for hire and Holland March, Gosling, a private eye, as they solve the mystery.

Girl on the Train, The (2016)

I am a big fan of mysteries and thrillers.  Throw in a little mental illness and psychological drama and I'm in.  The aspect of The Girl on the Train that I liked the most was the slow development of Rachel's story, played by Emily Blunt.  The speed of this film has been a disliked aspect,