A Recap of Films: 1900 – 1919

After watching so many of these ancient movies, it seemed like a good idea to memorialize what I have seen. Many were not outstanding by today's standards, although at the time they were all novel. Many were slow in terms of pacing and at times difficult to get through. With all of that said, it

Ben Hur (1907) – Short Film

The first film adaptation of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel, Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ. This 15 minute long short film blazes through the story much faster than the more famous 1959 version, starring Charlton Heston. While it lacks the substance required to engage an audience in the 21st Century, it does still show

The First Movie: From Antiquity – 1900

The short answer for the question, "What is the first movie?", depends on your definition of a movie.  Are you looking for the earliest projected image?  Then the answer would be  images that were projected through Magic Lanterns, a centuries old device comprised of a light source and glass.  The first projection using film would