Funny Story (2018)

“A comedy about good people who do bad things” – Michael Glave

Walter, played by Matthew Glave, is a self-absorbed and promiscuous actor still riding the coat tails of an old fantasy television show.  After finding out his new young girlfriend is pregnant, Walter begins to look for a way to both get away and reconnect with his estranged daughter.  When he gets the chance to see her, he takes it and drops everything to head up to Big Sur.  The ensuing road trip and reunion brings plenty of surprises and laughs at every corner.

The aspect of this film that immediately stood out to me at the Breckenridge film fest was the style of comedy from writer/director Michael Gallagher mixed with the perfect delivery by Mathew Glave.  The execution of the smart-ass father figure falling through life is a reminder to both take life less seriously and enjoy it as well as appreciate the time we have with our loved ones; before you know it you may miss the joy that sits right in front of you.

It is refreshing to watch movies that have a well thought out story line and character arcs that avoid being unnecessarily convoluted.  There is a good mix of complexity by creating a sufficient background for Walter, and his family, as well as Kim, played by Emily Bett Rickards.  We are taken through the story through the eyes of a middle aged washed up actor that is completely self involved and witness his attempts to make amends for his selfless past while still falling in to old habits.

There is an interesting balance between the internal self-control, or lack there of, and righteousness that Walter wishes to embody.  He is lost in life even while having the financial security and employment that many would envy.  His self destructive nature has caused him to miss out on life in the past and now is his chance to break the cycle.  Watching him begin to truly understand how others around him are able to enjoy where they are, what they have, and appreciate where their lives have taken them makes the story much more engaging then a simple road trip rom-com.

An excellent film from a young filmmaker.  I am excited to see future projects of his if they are the same caliber.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Directed by: Michael J. Gallagher

Cinematography: Greg Cotten

Written by: Michael J. Gallagher and Steve Greene

Edited by: Brian Ufberg

Music by: Brandon Campbell

Starring: Matthew Glave, Emily Bett Rickards, Jana Winternitz, Nikki Limo, and Lily Holleman

Runtime: 1h 24m

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Production by: Cinemand

Featured at Breckenridge Film Festival

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