Hell or High Water (2016)

Hell or High Water follows two brothers, Tanner and Toby, as they crusade through West Texas with a carefully crafted bank robbing system.  The brothers are played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster. Tepid on their trail are the Texas Rangers, Marcus and Alberto. Played by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham, respectively.  The film falls victim

Little Prince, The (2016)

The Little Prince is originally a novella, written by Antoine deSaint-Exupéry. Netlfix and Paramount Pictures teamed up Mark Osborne to bring this children's story to life.  While not a direct adaptation, Osborne still succeeds in capturing the essence of the 1943 tale that is engaging enough for children and thoughtful enough for adults.  The film

Girl on the Train, The (2016)

I am a big fan of mysteries and thrillers.  Throw in a little mental illness and psychological drama and I'm in.  The aspect of The Girl on the Train that I liked the most was the slow development of Rachel's story, played by Emily Blunt.  The speed of this film has been a disliked aspect,