Frankenstein (1910) – Short Film

The first film adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The short film clocks in at around 12 minutes and focuses more on the psychological angle of the monster's relationship with Frankenstein. The short film cuts a lot out of the story written by Mary Shelley. It also focuses less on the monster and more on Frankenstein,

Nosferatu (1922)

Thomas Hutter (Wangenheim), a real estate broker, leaves his wife behind and travels to Transylvania in order to sell a property to Count Orlok (Schreck). The cavalier broker disregards all warnings that come his way in order to close the deal and sells his neighboring house to the count. Once he sees the Count for

Thief of Bagdad (1924)

Douglas Fairbanks wrote, starred, and produced this adaptation of Arabian Nights. A thief in Bagdad (Fairbanks) steals his way into the palace to capture the princess. When she falls in love with him and its discovered he is not a prince, he embarks on a magical adventure to win her over. One of the aspects

Within Our Gates (1920)

This early 20th century film is the earliest recovered (i.e. surviving) film written, directed, and produced by an African American, Oscar Micheaux. The story follows Sylvia (Evelyn Preer) who finds her calling assisting an under funded school for black children after being abandoned by her fiancé. The story details the prejudice, insufficient resources, and inequality

Student of Prague, The (Der Student von Prag) (1913)

A poor young student, "collegiate level", and excellent swordsman named Balduin (Paul Wegener) falls for a sorcerer's trick and unknowingly promises a piece of himself that he cannot replace. This early German (Weimar Era) horror, deal with the devil, tale is full of early film camera tricks, use of color filters, and narratives that require