The Thin Man (1934)

William Powell plays the role of Nick Charles, a retired private detective turned lush. His rich wife, Nora, played by Myrna Loy, has inherited her late father's business and Nick has taken on the responsibility of running it and living in luxury. While at the lobby bar at the Ritz, Nick runs in to the

Battling Butler (1926)

Alfred Butler, played by Keaton, is a young member of an affluent family and an example of the idle rich. His father sends him off to camp in the wilderness so that he can learn to "become a man and learn to take care of himself." Off he goes with his valet, played by Edward

The Unknown (1927)

...for Alonzo there was an end to Hate... called death... A traveling circus features a man with no arms, named Alonzo (Chaney). Unknown to the rest of the circus troupe, or the circus master, is that he has the hots for the circus master's daughter, Nanon (Crawford), he in fact has arms, and that he