L ‘Inferno (1911)

It is not surprising that the earliest feature length Italian film is based on one of Dante's Poems, Inferno. Not only was Dante a catalyst for Italian language, but Inferno, the poem, itself is a great source for a visual piece of entertainment. Inferno is a story that lends itself well to techniques only possible

Frankenstein (1910) – Short Film

The first film adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The short film clocks in at around 12 minutes and focuses more on the psychological angle of the monster's relationship with Frankenstein. The short film cuts a lot out of the story written by Mary Shelley. It also focuses less on the monster and more on Frankenstein,

Nosferatu (1922)

Thomas Hutter (Wangenheim), a real estate broker, leaves his wife behind and travels to Transylvania in order to sell a property to Count Orlok (Schreck). The cavalier broker disregards all warnings that come his way in order to close the deal and sells his neighboring house to the count. Once he sees the Count for

Thief of Bagdad (1924)

Douglas Fairbanks wrote, starred, and produced this adaptation of Arabian Nights. A thief in Bagdad (Fairbanks) steals his way into the palace to capture the princess. When she falls in love with him and its discovered he is not a prince, he embarks on a magical adventure to win her over. One of the aspects

Phantom Carriage, The (Körkarlen) (1920)

A drunkard, celebrating new years in a graveyard, recounts a tale of the phantom carriage to his companions. The last person to die before the stroke of midnight on new years eve is forced to drive the carriage for an entire year and receive the dead on behalf of death. Much like A Christmas Carol,